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Data Optimization Services

Data is the most important part of your marketing campaign. If you don’t have accurate customer data, you won’t get the traffic or results you’re reaching for. Our data team is expertly trained to select the right prospects from your database to maximize response.

We send your data through a robust clean-up process to ensure the contact and vehicle information is accurate. Every list goes through NCOA (National Change of Address), and we carefully segment each list to target the most qualified records.

Our popular list criteria includes:

  • Customers who are in the market to purchase a vehicle
  • Pre-Qualified Experian Credit Scores
  • Vehicle year, make, and model with Blue/Black Book Appends
  • Lost Service

What is Owner Verification Technology?

Owner Verification Technology (OVT) is our new, proprietary data service that identifies which customers in your database still own or no longer own their vehicle. Using the VIN and last transaction date to determine if a title transfer has occurred, we can separate active titles from transferred titles in your database. Once we identify the transferred title records, we customize a new message to encourage those customers to come back to your dealership.


Key Features of Owner Verification Technology

  • Identifies whether or not a customer still owns their vehicle using only the VIN and last transaction date

  • Uses NO personally identifiable information

  • 95%+ accuracy rate

  • Can be ran on a quarterly or semi-annual basis

Why Does My Dealership Need Owner Verification Technology?

Our research has found that 20-40% of the customers in a dealership’s database no longer own the vehicle on file. When you send marketing messages to these people, asking to buy or trade in their car, you won’t receive much of a response; and if you do, it probably won’t be a positive one. OVT has a 95%+ accuracy rate, and we recommend running it on a semi-annual basis to keep your customer lists as fresh as possible. Clean data will enhance the success of every marketing campaign you run.


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