We believe in the power of positive interruption. A hand-addressed, personalized invitation, written by a real person, has the unique human touch and feel that instills curiosity, excitement, and generates much higher-than-average open rates. In a stack of everyday mail, they won’t just open your invitation – they’ll open yours first.

bmw buy back program

Key Benefits of our Personalized Power Invitation Program:

  • Customize your message based on current vehicle, purchasing history, and more customer insights

  • Target pure, in-the-market customers from your database

  • Target same-brand and conquest vehicle owners in your area who are most likely to be in the market for a new vehicle

  • Higher-than-average open rates from pure, in-the-market customers

  • Track open and response rates of every email, pURL visit, and lead submission, so you know exactly how many leads are being generated by the campaign.

  • Generate sales and service leads with each proprietary program we offer

  • Receive a detailed ROI report that provides the total vehicle sales and service visits generated by the campaign.

infiniti lease exchange program

Our turnkey program includes:

  • Powerful, copyrighted, clear-cut copy to generate response and traffic

  • Hand-addressed envelope by a REAL PERSON

  • Custom business card

  • Handwritten post-it note with the recipient’s first name and a personal message

  • pURL (personalized website) for every customer

  • Personalized email blast to your database

lexus kbb program

Laser-Focused Marketing that Generates Qualified Leads

When you combine our hand-addressed mail presentation, targeted data lists, and conceptualized art design, it’s no surprise our programs generate a higher open and response rate than any regular direct mail on the market. By ensuring every customer we target is already in the market for a vehicle, we make sure your marketing dollars are going to the right place.

Turnkey Campaigns For Every Occasion

Looking to increase new car sales? Give your service department a boost? Promote a special sales event? Whatever your goal, we’ll help you achieve it.

  • Buy Back

  • Trade Keys

  • 6 Reasons

  • 100% Trade In

  • Test Drive Program

  • Car Doctor Service Clinic

  • Early Lease Termination/Exchange

  • Custom Holiday Programs


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