Sending direct mail

There is no denying the rise of digital marketing in the automotive industry. Consumers today spend dozens of hours doing research online before purchasing a car. However, one major downside to the Internet phenomenon is that consumers are overloaded with updates and offers from competing brands daily. To stand out, you need a marketing strategy that goes beyond digital. Marketing research continues to prove that direct marketing is as powerful as ever, and it’s only getting stronger. Here are five reasons you should leverage direct mail in your dealership marketing strategy:

1. Most people still check their physical mail every day.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, overall mail engagement has increased since 2012. 98 percent of people check their mailbox daily, and 77 percent sort through their mail immediately after they receive it. Another study found that 62 percent of people enjoy checking their mailbox for postal mail. A compelling piece of personalized mail will be a refreshing discovery for your customers, especially when picked out of a stack of regular junk mail.

Opening direct mail

2. Direct mail creates a longer lasting impression.

Physical mail provokes an emotional response that is backed by science. A direct mail study conducted by Millward Brown found that physical mail leaves a “deeper footprint” in the brain. Media that consumers can touch and feel involves more emotional processing, which is critical for memory and brand association. The study suggests that direct mail can trigger more vivid emotions, and may be easier for consumers to remember than digital media.

Marketing to millennials

3. Direct mail appeals to every age demographic.

Many dealerships target the digital space because they want to stay relevant with mobile-focused millennials. However, studies have found that millennials respond just as well to direct marketing campaigns as older demographics. In a 2016 study by InfoTrends, the response rates for direct mail were equally high among all age demographics. The study also reported that 29 percent of millennials said direct mail was more effective than email at getting them to take action. 36 percent said that both mediums were equally effective.

Upward growth trend

4. Direct mail generates higher response rates.

Though direct marketing is generally more expensive than digital, the response rate is significantly higher. Direct mail achieves an average 3.7 percent response rate, while all digital channels combined only achieve a 0.62 percent response. Putting your faith in direct mail also generates strong ROI, with an average of 15-17 percent.

Direct mail marketing stands out

5. Direct mail stands out from the clutter.

To stand out from the competing dealers vying for your customers’ attention, you need to do something different. There are only so many ways to make an email headline look enticing, but with direct mail, the opportunities are infinite. With every mail campaign, you can utilize different envelope sizes and colors, pens and sharpies, and stamps to stand out. Not to mention, a campaign that features a handwritten envelope written by a real person is guaranteed to get noticed.

So don’t be fooled the next time you hear someone say that direct mail is dead. Email marketing, social media, and paid advertising are effective, but that doesn’t mean traditional strategies no longer work- in fact, the research proves they can be just as influential. Adopting mail in your marketing strategy will help you cut through the white noise to increase your CSI and bring more buyers into your showroom.

If you’re ready to use personalized direct mail to enhance your dealership’s marketing strategy, let’s get in touch.