Data driven marketing in the automotive industry

Data is the center that drives modern marketing. Marketing is quickly moving away from mass deployment strategies and toward a customer-focused approach. Commercials, multi-media ads, radio spots and sponsorships all have a time and place, but they are becoming less and less effective. Customers today respond better to personalized marketing. In reality, your customers are all at different stages of their buyer’s journey at any given time, and therefore shouldn’t be treated as equals.

There are tons of data tools on the market today that closely track customers to predict why, when, and how they decide to purchase a vehicle. When you use these data tools to understand your customers better, you can start to sell better. Let’s explore three ways dealers can benefit from data-driven marketing.

1. Data is precise.

Generic mass marketing is a thing of the past. Dealerships today are expected to put the customer at the center of their marketing strategy. In the past, dealerships only had access to basic demographic information about customers. Names, addresses, and vehicle information were easy to collect. Today data providers can help dealers analyze customers behaviors and make predictions about how and when they will purchase. There are many accurate and intelligent data sources available that help you b