Building Trust with Service Customers

Building trust with service customers is an ongoing challenge, and dealers often overestimate how much customers actually trust them. A recent survey by MAX Digital reported that nearly 70 percent of dealers believe customers trust them, but in reality only 9 percent of consumers reported having a high level of trust in car salespeople.

Many car owners have negative perceptions of dealership service departments. Dealerships are often perceived as untrustworthy establishments that prey on unsuspecting customers with shady business practices. Customers are turning away from dealers and toward independent repair shops for their service needs. To stay competitive, dealers are working to break down the negative stereotypes and reward customers with a reliable, quality service experience. Here are a few tips for building trust with your service customers.

High Quality Personnel

In 2015 NADA reported an annual turnover rate of 39% among service advisers. While service technicians often stay at one dealership for years, service advisors tend to leave quicker and more often. Service advisors are the face of your service department. They are the customer’s primary point of contact when their car is in the shop, and high quality service advisers help retain customers. If you replace your service staff frequently, you are missing opportunities to establish trust with